PHPVault allows you to encrypt and compress any PHP appliaction to prevent users from easy access to source code and to disallow modifications. Application may also be limited to run only under specified domain names, only on hosts with specified MAC addresses present in system or only till given expiration date.

To run encrypted code it is required to add PHPVault loader extension to your PHP installation. Currently loaders are available only for Linux hosts and only for x86, x86_64, armhf and arm64 architectures. Supported PHP versions are: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4. Support for PHP 8.0 is under developement.

PHPVault is currently "work in progress". Few versions of encoder and loader have been tested. When it will ready for release we will make it available for any developer wishing to use it.


When PHPVault will be available?
Unfortunately PHPVault is a one-man project and also one of several other projects that are being developed in parallel. Due to the COVID pandemic all works on PHPVault were suspended for 3 years.

Will PHPVault be free to use?
There will be free simplified version of encoder but full encoder with licensing features will be paid software.

What will be price tag of licensed version?
It is not decided yet what licensing model will be adopted, what licensing options will be available, what features they will cover and how much they will cost.

Will my encrypted source code be absolutely safe?
No. As long as code can be run it can also be decrypted, decompiled or reverse engineered. Skilled person can access source code no matter of what encryption strength, algorithms and techniques are used. Our goal is not to make source code inaccessible, but to make it harder to access and to give developers control over their appliactions with various licensing options.